TransGlobal’s Integrated Business Solutions
Employers only need to provide information once and
can easily enjoy a full range of services that save time, effort, and money.
TransGlobal integrates an all-in-one corporate service for busy employers
Why Choose TransGlobal?
TransGlobal’s all-in-one business solutions help business owners save time and money. The TG Payroll + HCM Human Resource Management System provides customized strategies and Chinese language services in all 50 states, which help employers find targeted solutions.
Tax Services & Payroll Management

More powerful and versatile than the average payroll system: The TG Payroll + HCM Human Resource Management System provides customized strategies for all 50 states, Chinese-language services, and an easy-to-use interface to help you find solutions.


Company Formation, Salary Calculation, Salary Statement
Mobile Clocking System / Fingerprint Clocking System
Labor Law Consultation and Update, Labor Poster, Employee Handbook, Labor Insurance Audit
Business Insurance uses “Pay As You Go” to Reduce Workers' Compensation Audit Issues
Group Health Insurance Options and Auto Enrollment
Group retirement plan formation, etc., in one step
Employee Benefits - Retirement Planning
TransGlobal’s Retirement Department assists employers with pension planning and group retirement plan formation:
Comply with IRS regulatory requirements and reduce your tax burden
Small and medium-sized business owners can save 30% or even 50% on income taxes
Commercial Insurance
Representing more than 40 A-rated insurance companies in large and small cities in more than 15 states, we help business owners to protect business assets, understand current and ever-changing labor laws, reduce and avoid labor dispute litigation, and minimize the risk of loss.
Commercial and apartment buildings
Wholesalers, importers, and producers
Clinics, offices
Hotels, supermarkets, builders, chain stores, restaurants, fine dining
Employee Benefits - Health Insurance
TransGlobal’s Beneifts Department assists employers with employee onboarding, employee benefit increases, and regulatory updates:
Direct online application for group health insurance increases effectiveness
Annual comprehensive team evaluation helps employers keep up with business developments
The advantages of choosing TransGlobal
More powerful system with more features
Spanning across employee benefits, retirement plans, tax services, and HR management systems, TransGlobal systems effectively reduce HR and accounting department labor costs and improve efficiency in one step.
Professional Elite Team
Our professional team will assist you in solving all your problems. You only need to provide information once to enjoy all-in-one corporate services. Not only is this more efficient, but it also helps you avoid contradictory and duplicated efforts.
Online Operation System and Chinese Service
Reduces labor costs for employers by simplifying forms and saving valuable time for HR executives. We provide Chinese-language services and are the strongest partner for business owners.
Tax Saving
Our Retirement Planning and Tax Departments help business owners save taxes and invest wisely!
TransGlobal is the best support for your business
Customized assistance provides you with superiorsupport!

Business owners have to calculate both payroll and payroll taxes while at the same time offer workers' compensation insurance, group health insurance, and group retirement plans.


Do you know how to make the best decision?


Do you spend a lot of time consulting with different companies and professionals?


Do you have a good understanding of the strict and complicated labor laws?


Is your company fully legal and compliant?

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Bigger Business Means Bigger Challenges Small business owner Gary Liu saw growth in his business but needed some help managing the challenges that came with it. TransGlobal provided all the services he needed to save time, energy, and money. The Best Support for Running Your Business - TransGlobal Business All in one services
She Saved 40% on Taxes with One Simple Switch Gynecologist Erika Chen had trouble setting up a regular retirement plan for her small business and wanted a better option for her employees. With TransGlobal's all-in-one service, we handled all of the tasks for her and let her rest easy.

A client runs a private elementary and middle school with 45 teachers and wants to integrate payroll and benefits into one, easy-to-use online enrollment system, plus add custom employee mobile punch cards. In addition to his payroll needs, we also helped him identify his need to implement workers' compensation insurance, retirement plans, car and house insurance and financial planning. We provided him with a complete all-in-one service!

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Pay-As-You-Go's workers' compensation insurance is linked to the employee's salary (using the HR management system), and the customer pays the workers' compensation insurance according to the actual salary of the month. There’s no need to worry about exceeding the budget and possibly affecting the company’s payment flow.

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Client B is in the logistics industry, and with the concern of convenience in language communication, he Googles for retirement planning solutions. He added dental and vision and was very satisfied with the service; the next year, he renewed his insurance and added on other businesses. Moreover, he asked TransGlobal to set up a retirement plan for his employees and applied for employee pre-tax premium benefits as well as the creation of an employee handbook.

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At TransGlobal, we take pride in being the largest Asian-focused one-stop-shop wealth management company in the nation. Our suite of services is tailored to our clients and the industries we specialize in, ensuring a deep understanding of their unique needs. We believe in providing an all-in-one wealth management platform, allowing clients to select individual services that best suit their requirements.
Over 29 offices in 14 states in the U.S. We offer an all-in-one HR management system that saves you time and effort. With more than 29 offices across 14 states in the U.S., TransGlobal allows you to solve your needs quickly and easily, no matter where you are!
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